Winter Solstice

A Monday Meditation for December 21, 2020

Dear St. Peter’s-

Happy Winter Solstice! Today marks the shortest day of the year. It’s the day with fewest sunlight hours...the day our hemisphere is tilted farthest from the sun. Today marks the beginning of winter. For many, this day signals the promise of cold lonely months where our internal emotions are reflected by the constant gray skies. It is also a day of new beginnings and possibility. There is an invitation in the solstice for reflection of what came before and what might be ahead. The lingering darkness offers space for our wondering, for our dreaming and imagination to run wild.

In honor of the Winter Solstice, and as an offering of hope in light of this year, the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus virtually recorded one of our favorite songs, "I Believe," by Mark A. Miller. It begins with the words, "I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining." Blessings to you on this Winter Solstice, where the invitation to dwell and dream in the ongoing night awaits. You can listen to the song here!


We know that many of you have lost loved ones in the last week, so know that you are in our prayers as well. As news of more deaths continues to emerge, remember that you are not alone and that grieving is sacred work.


We also have received word that some of you are celebrating negative Covid test results while others of you have learned that you are positive for the virus. A few of you have received the vaccine due to your employment as health care professionals. As our community continues to be touched by this difficult season of pandemic, let us remember that there are various faithful responses to this challenging reality and that God is with us in our joys as well as our concerns.



With Love,
Lori Bievenour & Becca Lockwood