Advent - What brings you joy?

What brings you joy?

Trusting hope and peace are present in this worship, consider this... Over a hundred people, from the ages of two to eighty years old, were asked the question, “What brings you joy?” 


What would your answer be? Would you be able to respond? 


From the voices of different generations, hear the answers that were shared when asked, “What brings you joy?


  • A clean kitchen. 
  • Sand between my toes. 
  • Being outside. 
  • Sleeping in my own bed after a night away. 
  • Having a camera in my hands. 
  • My partner’s laugh. 
  • Mountain air. 
  • When my parents pick me up. 
  • The end of my to-do list. 
  • Hugs from my niece and nephew. 


  • Baby giggles. 
  • My cat. 
  • Putting my hands in the garden. 
  • A chord resolved. 
  • Stargazing. 
  • Bedtime books. 
  • A warm cup of coffee with friends. 
  • My new granddaughter. 
  • Lingering at the table after dinner. 
  • Time with family. 


Today we light the candle of joy. May its light remind us of all the good news this season brings. May its light remind us of the many sources of joy in our lives, and may that joy not only draw us closer to one another, but closer to God.


St. Peter’s, we ask you again: what brings you joy? Amen.

Your pastors are available for conversation and/or visit. Simply be in touch. 


In Faith,

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