To Honor Your Feelings

A Monday Meditation for November 9, 2020

Good morning, St. Peter’s!


To say this last week has been overwhelming would feel like an understatement. Regardless of who you voted for, it’s been a roller coaster of a week. There are many who are still processing all of what it means. So, here’s a place to start:


     1. Honor your feelings. Acknowledge them, welcome them.

     2. The work continues. No matter who was going to win, our work as a congregation and people of faith remains the same: Listen. Sow Love. Fight for Justice. Make Peace. Practice Grace.

     3. Together, we continue to listen for the Living God. Together, we listen to the voices among and around us of the oppressed, the sick, the hurting, and we ask, how is God calling us to respond?

     4. We each have different gifts, different abilities, which when brought together can help make this world a more just, more beautiful, more loving place. 



So the invitation and call for today is to honor your feelings and where you are, and then ask yourself, how am I being called to make this world equitable and loving? Process, strategize, call someone and think out loud together. We are not alone in this sacred work. People have been engaging this work for centuries, millenia even. We’re reminded of it every week in worship when we pray together. We say this prayer so often, that sometimes we forget what the prayer actually means. Today, read this prayer, say it aloud, take it line by line and let its meaning wash over you.