The Boy, the Mole, The Fox and the Horse

A Monday Meditation for September 21, 2020

St. Peter’s-


Yesterday was a full and wonderful day of reconnecting. It was so good to worship with you and participate in Church Chat. Our conversation was inspiring and hopeful and I’m grateful for the ways folks are sharing their experiences of this strange time in our lives.


Yesterday as our group was chatting, we began naming the ways in which this time has been an invitation into even deeper relationships and connection. While virtual connecting is strange and challenging, and not the first choice, the ways in which some folks have been engaging this time has allowed them to meet new people. It has even allowed some to get to know each other in a more profound way than if we were never forced to be apart and do things differently.


Some folks have found ways to connect in person and safely. Some folks have taken up postcard and letter writing or weekly phone or zoom calls.



As I was reflecting on our conversation and the ways in which we are still finding connection and meaning together, I came across this picture. It’s by Charlie Mackesy, an artist and writer, who reflects on the world through the friendship of, “The Boy, the Mole, The Fox and the Horse.” It’s a collection of meaning making, navigating the world, feelings, and friendship. It’s a lot like what we (or at least I) am experiencing during this time. The picture is of the boy and mole riding the horse with the fox nearby. It reads, “What do you think brought us so close?” said the boy. “The storm” said the horse.


Sometimes art can be an invitation to a new perspective or a deeper meaning. Take time this week to check out Charlie Mackesy and his gentle voice of kindness and friendship. Let us lean into our friendships and those we journey with.


With hope,