Sparklets and Students

A Monday Meditation for September 14, 2020

Dear Ones of St. Peter’s!


It feels a little bit like the first day of school today. My mind was buzzing, up early, ready to start this day and this next season. It was pleasantly the “correct” temperature for a September morning, which has helped the illusion of fall, school, and new beginnings. I am eager to hear how this summer has been for you all and to share my sabbatical adventures with you.


It’s not what I would have called the most restful sabbatical in the midst of a pandemic, climate change, and political tensions rising daily, but the time away was still good and I believe just what my spirit needed. So thank you for this time away to reconnect with God in ways I didn’t know I needed.


This week I’ll be catching up with Lori, email, and pastoral care updates, so please bear with me as I soak in three months of news. 


One of the practices I’ve been doing this summer is Florilegia, where you collect sparklets throughout the day or week, or from the book you happen to be reading; it’s a word or a phrase that sticks out to you. This morning I woke up with a song from this summer in my head, and I’m letting it be my sparklet for today. “Standing like a tree with my roots dug deep, my branches wide and open.” 



Grounded from this time away, I look forward to welcoming all that the Spirit has shared with you all this summer, and I look forward to what the Spirit has in store for us in this coming season. I invite you today, on this September morning, to listen throughout your day and see if a sparklet emerges. What is the Spirit whispering today? What is the Spirit calling you to?


With love and joy at being back,




The first week of Preschool went great (see below for photos)!  The parents, students and staff were so prepared to come back and did a fantastic job adjusting to the new policies and procedures that we implemented to return safely.  


We barely had any issues of separation anxiety with the students.  I think they were so happy to be able to come play and be with peers.


We are finding not using backpacks a little challenging especially for our little ones, but we are brainstorming some ideas.  Possibly getting canvas tote bags that can hold folders, lunches, and other items.  They can be washed and hung on cubbies, so they do not take up room in the hallways on the floor.


Personally, I was pretty burned out the last couple of years.  If there has been anything good come of this down time, it has given me time to reflect and honestly miss the students, staff, and families.  I have come to realize what a tremendous impact we can have on these little lives and how important Early Childhood education is to them and their families.


Lori Jannsen, Preschool Director