Seasons of Life

A Monday Meditation for January 25, 2020

St. Peter’s-


As the snow falls, let us remember the seasons of life and the various ways in which we are connected. As I write this, I have just learned of four (or is it more?) more among us who are dealing with/have recently dealt with Covid-19, and the number of those who have received their first vaccines is growing.


Amid this most challenging time, please continue to reach out, to care for one another, and to take time to rest yourselves. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are weary… yet God is still with us, and the Spirit is shining her light always. With openness to the changes within our hearts and around us in this world, we pray.


I am here to be in conversation with you, pray with you, and love you through the difficult times and the joy-filled ones.  Please be in touch.


Together While Apart,
Lori Bievenour