Reconnecting with Nature

A Monday Meditation for April 19, 2021

St. Peter’s-


Because of the lockdowns imposed on us because of the pandemic, perhaps now more than ever we’ve realized our home, our sense of place, extends much further that the walls of the house we live in. Whether you are a nature lover or not, most of us are itching to get out of the house. My hope is to invite each of you in observance of Earth Day this Thursday, to spend some amount of time over the next week not simply outdoors, but truly re-connecting with nature.


Breathe deeply. Notice the sounds and smells around you. Notice the coolness or warmth of the day and the moisture or dryness of the air on your skin. Give yourself the permission to take all the time you need in this space. Begin to look reverently for something living that you might not usually notice: the wildflower growing in the sidewalk crack, a single blossom on a tree, a beetle … stop for a moment and pay attention to the incredible detail, symmetry, beauty, resilience of that little piece of life. Give thanks for the good God who provides all that we need in the amazing economy of creation.



David Shaw