Prayers for continued kindness

A prayer for Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Today, I invite you to allow quietness and a deep breath to ground you as we draw together in prayer.


From one among us: “Prayers for the continued kindness to each other as this continues.” 23 people from St. Peter’s have been making calls to the congregation just to check in and stay connected. One caller received these words from one of you, and I believe it’s a lovely way to begin prayer today. For the continued kindness of each other as this continues, we pray…


<quietness for your own prayers>



To close our prayers, here are the words of Ken, the brother of longtime St. Peter’s member Nan Bucksten. He says a lot with only a few words in a poem entitled Covid-19:


Clouds darkened the day, glow circling off the ragged edges, sun going down.

Covid has me trapped. But am I?

Seems quieter.

Did you catch that?

The quiet.


The clock is ticking. As always. But I can hear it.

That usually only happens at night, when trying to sleep.

At first, dim ticking, but as you close your eyes, striving for quiet,

It becomes much louder.

’Til it keeps you up.


Sort of like this virus.

At first so quiet, almost silent,

But then it gets louder and louder

Until it’s all you hear.