Prayer Box and Labyrinth

While our church doors are currently closed, two forms of worship and reflection are available on our church grounds for use by our members and the community.  

St. Peter's Prayer Mail Box

St. Peter’s mailbox is available on church grounds to leave a note, a name, a drawing, or a prayer.  Take a Lenten devotional or a mirror.  Know you are not alone, and you are beloved.


Don't forget to use hand sanitzer and wash your hands.

St. Peter's Labyrinth


The labyrinth is an ancient self-discovery prayer tool which has been an integral part of cultures through out the world for more than 4000 years.  Unlike a maze, the labyrinth is a sacred path with no dead ends… only a circle representing one’s own spiritual quest for wholeness.  This labyrinth is offered as a as a way to find rest and renewal.   You can find St. Peter's labyrinth on the right of the entry into the church parking lot.  To find out more information about our labyrinth click here.