On the naming of feelings

A Monday Meditation for May 11, 2020


In preparation for today’s meditation I read, “The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember.” And it was inspiring and nostalgic and I loved it. But I couldn’t really find a quote that felt “just right.” I was left with an overall feeling of wanting to name the real feelings, which Mr. Rogers talks about emphatically. 


So, maybe like me, you are feeling tired of trying to do the hard and holy work that is meaning making during this time. Maybe you are ready to just be, and settle into your new ways of being the best you can. Maybe this being could also be holy. 




Or maybe you are feeling really energized and feeling motivated to do all the things and find meaning everywhere. 


Or maybe you are feeling anxious. Or depressed. Or sad.


Or maybe you’re feeling hopeful. Optimistic. Determined.


There is a freedom, a liberation to be found, when we name what is true about our feelings. I know there is meaning to be found in this time, and we’re doing that work of unearthing and discovering those glimmers of hope. And it’s hard to do that all the time. Sometimes even our feelings are tired. I’m not sure what that’s called, but that’s how I’m feeling. I offer that in a spirit of authenticity and as an invitation for you to name your feelings, even if you don’t have all the words for them. Let someone else see what you feel. Reach out. And if you’re in a good place, reach out to each other. 




As Mr. Rogers also says, “Listening is where love begins: listening to ourselves and then to our neighbors.”


Here’s to listening this week, and being honest with what we hear.


Rev. Rebecca Lockwood