Merry Christmas!

A Monday Meditation for December 28, 2020

St. Peter’s Community-

Merry Christmas!


We hope that you’re enjoying this Monday during Christmastide! Some of you are still on vacation and others are back to work/regular routine. However you are entering this week, know that you are loved!


Today, we ask that you pray for Robbin Wilson and her family, as their family friends are dealing with a Covid diagnosis and hospitalization. 


Additionally, we offer you to videos to enjoy.


First, take a look at this message from Gregory Ellison, of Fearless Dialogues.  As some of you might recall, Fearless Dialogues worked with our Leadership Team on a powerful retreat day last January. They were scheduled to return in March to do something similar with our whole congregation, but the pandemic forced them to cancel. Greg’s message is powerful.  It’s worth the few minutes of your time.  Click Here.


Second, we offer you a video from the National setting of the United Church of Christ. They put together this video for congregations to use in worship, but we already had worship planned. It’s a pageant, a collection of songs of various traditions, and another way to experience online worship in these times.  Let us know what you think! Click Here.



As the days of 2020 come to an end, remember that we are Together While Apart (especially those of you who have travelled to warmer climates!), and it is our responsibility to live out the Christmas story in creative ways every day!


In Faith,

Lori & Becca