Meeting Rivers

A Monday Meditation for February 8, 2021

Greetings, St. Peter’!


This morning, I am taking time to just look at the stillness outside my window. I am also taking note of the non-stillness within my body and spirit. The dissonance of this is ok to me today. Not all days are well put together. Not all feelings are expected. Not all plans go in the ways we intended, and not all responses are equal. And that’s ok.


My African Proverbs Desk Calendar reads, “Where two rivers meet, the waters are never calm.” (That’s from a Ugandan saying.) This morning, I am comforted by that idea. There are so many rivers in our lives – so many rushing waters and so many still waters… and yet, where two rivers meet, the waters are never calm. So as the river of this pandemic meets the river of church life, there is activity. Where the river of grief meets the river of dreaming, there is stirring. Where the river of people I know meets the river of strangers among us, there is true possibility.



It’s so good to be connected. This morning, one of you called with a concern, and it wasn’t easy, but it filled my soul as we navigated that conversation together. Others have sent me texts, emails, Marco Polo videos, and voicemail messages… keep it up. We are not meant to be solitary creatures (one of you told me that last week), so let’s keep working to reduce the isolation we feel and to increase our connectedness to God and one another!


Blessings on your week, Dear Ones.


Together While Apart,
Lori Bievenour