Meet Gary

A Monday Meditation for January 4, 2021

St. Peter’s Community-


Meet Gary.  He has been a member of our congregation his whole life. His mom died last week due to Covid, and our pastor was able to visit Gary in his group home. When asked to pray, he immediately said yes and took up his "prayer position." He is so committed, so trusting, so loving. Gary saw himself in this photo, smiled a HUGE smile, and gave us permission to share it. As you imagine yourself praying, perhaps as Gary does with head bowed, hands folded, and eyes closed, or perhaps in another way, remember that we are all in this together. The hurts and the celebrations are real, and it is worth being connected.



As the sun still shines on this glorious day, we give thanks and continue to pray that our efforts to care for one another and the world around us will bring justice and peace in abundance.


Together While Apart,

Lori Bievenour