Hope, Gratitude, Possibility, and Prayer

A Monday Benediction for March 22, 2021

St. Peter’s-


A compilation of random thoughts for your Monday… A meditation of sorts:


Today, I am grounded in: 



Many are scheduling their vaccination appointments. The age eligibility has dropped again (to 40+) and those with other factors can also register. I am praying for those in the process, those who cannot get a vaccine, those who choose not to get a vaccine, those who have waited patiently for this scheduling day, and those who are still waiting. Our congregation is standing with you – wherever you are in this journey towards public health – please know that you are not alone.



We had over 50 people safely masked, distanced, and in our Native Habitat spreading grass seeds in memory yesterday afternoon. For some, it was their first time with other church folks in a year. It was a glorious afternoon and we are hopeful to gather again to celebrate new life and honor those who have gone before us. The Habitat will continue to grow – so will our love for each other and our memories.


This is the last Monday Meditation that you’ll be getting from ME for a few weeks. WHY? Because we have a really exciting thing happening at St. Peter’s. One of our newest members, David Shaw, is also in seminary. His school works in six week sessions, and one of those sessions can be an internship with a local congregation. TODAY, David starts a six-week internship with US! He’ll be giving us at least 10 hours a week of his love, expertise in technology (his professional field), and service to our community. I’ll be mentoring him in “all things church”. It starts with Monday Meditations… David will be offering these for the next several weeks, and I think you’re going to LOVE THEM. For the joy of unknown adventures and partnerships - the possibility of it all – I give thanks.


A moment of personal confession and a request for prayer. I shared with our leadership and staff yesterday, and now I am sharing with you… I have a pinched nerve in my leg and am in a fair bit of pain. I am under the care of my doctor and a physical therapist and am not ignoring this latest challenge. However, I have been advised to not stay in one position for more than 30 minutes (stand, sit, lie down), so my work rhythms are changing, and my response times might be a bit off. Thanks for journeying with me as I regain strength, endure numbness, and reduce pain… Things are way better than they were late last week when this all happened, but it’s a longer road ahead than I’d prefer. Sigh. Just another adventure in this pandemic season. But you know what? I feel surrounded by love and am sure that I’ll/we’ll learn something from this. Thanks for including me in your prayers, Dear Ones.


So, that’s where I’m starting this week… with HOPE, GRATITUDE, POSSIBILITY, and PRAYER. How are YOU starting this week? God is with us (and with all others as well), and that is just plain GOOD.


Together While Apart,