Be gentle with yourself

These are uncharted waters, untraveled terrain, and uncertain times. It feels a bit like the relentless rhythm of the ocean waves, constantly pushing, pulling, and crashing; whether we’re ready for it or not.  The waves come from everywhere: our own minds, social media, the news, friends & family members. So, how do we stay afloat? 


We don’t know about you, but in the last week and a half, we have felt and gone through every emotion and then some. So far, each day has been different and brought with it new challenges. Here’s what we want you to remember: All you need to do right now is eat, sleep, and tend to your spirit.  You don’t need to do all of the things on your lists (or on another person’s list).  We encourage you and give you permission to not do all of the things.  Remember that you are loved and affirmed exactly as you are. If either of those truths are difficult for you to hear right now, please reach out to us or others.


We know that not everyone is experiencing this crisis in the same way. Amid this COVID-19 adventure, many more of us are forced to be home or are choosing to be home.  Many of us are learning how to do our jobs and take care of our families at the same time, both near and far. Others are losing their jobs completely (or receiving substantially less pay) and are trying to navigate life with a looming fear that they won’t make it financially, physically, mentally, spiritually.  Please hear this: let’s not overwhelm ourselves all over again by deciding that we have to overfunction or complete the projects that have been in the backs of our minds for months (OK, years.)


An important insight and reminder from Lori: 

Here’s the thing, St. Peter’s.  Through your graciousness, I was on sabbatical last fall.  I jokingly called it “The Sabbatical of Unfinished Projects.”  And you know what? I didn’t get most of the projects done on my list.  I had all the time in the world. (Well, three months.) And I had a well-curated list.  I had priorities, and I had all of the supplies that I needed. And I didn’t get even a third of the projects completed.  Or started.

When I stopped to listen during those early days of sabbatical, my soul called out, “Rest.  Take a deep breath. Come to me.” And so I did. Back in the days when we were able to gather in person (you know, a few weeks ago), you would tell me, “You look different.  Something’s changed.” And it has. But it’s not because of the cleaning, organizing, and purging. Nope. It’s because I learned how to sit in my rocking chair with a cup of tea.


An important insight and reminder from Becca:

As we’ve already hinted at, try to be gentle with yourselves in the days (weeks etc.) ahead. Each day might feel different and bring with it a new challenge. Try not to have too many expectations, especially as we figure out what this new normal rhythm is. If nature, hobbies, or even binge watching tv is your thing and helps you get through these days, do it. This is a time to figure out what works for you, to trust and listen to that, and then do it. 


In the midst of so much unknown, rest in the grounding of God’s grace, and breathe deeply. We will too.

With Love and In Faith, 

Lori & Becca