Week of Peace

A Monday Meditation for December 7, 2020

St. Peter’s-

Week 2 of Advent, the week of Peace.


Peace might feel like an elusive state of being...a thing we long for and yet feels so far beyond our grasp. So here’s the invitation: find a moment, or two. And allow that moment to soak in, deep into your bones. Allow that moment to hold you, carry you, and offer you solace. 


We continue to receive prayers of grief, of longing, of pain...and the Covid numbers continue to rise, and the longing for connection and community is deep and real. We long to be seen and known and loved. There’s a peace in that kind of knowing, a soul-level exhale. A release. 


Stay connected, safely. We need each other.



We pray for the many ways we are trying to stay connected this year, with each other and with the many communities with which we partner. This weekend Gifts to the Manger in Cincinnati will happen. Our gifts will be delivered, but the weekend and the whole process will be different this year. We grieve the loss of tradition and connection, and we know that this ministry and relationship continues to inspire and change us. Lori wanted to share this message before being away for Sabbath rest this week:


St. Peter’s - 


I’m out of the office this week, but I needed to share this story.  Just last week, I got an email from one of you, and this is what it said:  


"In case you ever wondered if you have impact on St. Peter’s kids after they are grown and gone... [my adult child] has asked everyone to donate the amount they would spend on Christmas gifts for him this year to their local food bank because “he has a good job, doesn’t want or need anything, and people are really hurting this year.” He asked me to do Washington UCC as well. So, I just purchased clothes and toys for [two kids from Washington UCC] in [my kid’s] name. I thought you’d enjoy this for the holidays. Even though I haven’t been to church in a while, St. Peter’s is still very close to my heart, and I’m grateful for the giving spirit [my child] learned from you and the church."


Friends: the Second Week of Advent is the week of Peace. I hope you can see the peace, the generosity, and the love in this email and respond accordingly.


Together While Apart,




The hope of the first week of Advent weaves through our stories and connectedness and leads us to a vision of Peace. May we each find a piece of it this week.


With hope,