A Break From The Sun

A Monday Meditation for July 20, 2020

St. Peter’s

Today, I confess that I am glad the clouds are with us. I needed a break from the sun. It’s true – the sun can provide beautiful shadows (like the one’s in Sunday’s prayer time during worship, found here), but the heat from the sun can also be relentless.


This week, I encourage you to welcome what comes – the shadows, the heat, the storms. We’re likely to get all of those weather-wise, but I’m speaking metaphorically; welcome the challenges to your life, the questions that cause you to want to hide, the turbulent realities that seem threatening. I’m not saying that we have to love all of these things, just honor that they are real and respond to them. And I do mean respond, not react. An intentional response (not just a visceral reaction) to all that is flooding our lives is an act of faith.