Transitional Kindergarten Program

Age 4 1/2 by September 1


Kindergarten readiness is the key to our Older 4/5-year-old program. Students will continue to master the core content needed to be emergent in literacy, develop number sense and other basic skills. These young learners will also be exposed to additional conceptual ideas expanding their knowledge through group learning and guided experimentation. These indicators describe the knowledge and skills that serve as the foundation for meaningful early learning experiences. They are aligned with the Carmel Clay Schools Kindergarten Standards and describe essential concepts and skills for young learners.



  • Recognize and “read” familiar words or environmental print
  • Listen to two or three sounds when read aloud, and identify the sounds heard and isolate the syllables of a word using snapping or clapping
  • Learn and apply knowledge of alphabetical order
  • Use pictures and context to aid comprehension and understand text by responding to oral questions


  • Tell a story that the teacher or adult will write
  • Write using pictures, letters, and words
  • Write capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet


  • Count, recognize, write, represent, name, and order a number of objects up to 20
  • Model addition by joining sets of objects (less than 10 objects when joined)
  • Identify, copy, and make simple patterns with numbers and shapes
  • Identify penny, nickel, dime and quarter and recognize that coins have different values


    St. Peter’s Preschool is a peanut-free school