Pre-Kindergarten Program

Age 4 by September 1


Kindergarten Readiness is the priority for our four-year old program.  Students will gain a basic understanding of core content areas needed to be emergent in literacy, and develop number sense and other basic skills. These indicators describe the knowledge and skills that serve as the foundation for meaningful early learning experiences.  These goals are aligned with the Carmel Clay Schools academic standards.



  • Identify matching sounds and recognize rhymes in familiar stories, poems, songs and words
  • Begin to recognize sounds of letters and the sound in words
  • Recognize and name upper and lower case letters in addition to those in their name
  • Recognize familiar words in environmental print
  • Demonstrate or orally communicate position and directional words (inside, outside, in front of and behind)
  • Recognizes likes and differences in objects and pictures
  • Holds books upright, know that people read from front to back, top to bottom and left to right
  • Predict what might happen next during reading of the text
  • Answer questions to demonstrate comprehension
  • Respond to oral reading by commenting or questioning


  • Generate ideas for a story or shred writing with assistance
  • Play at writing from top to bottom, horizontal rows as format
  • Print letter of own name and other meaningful words with assistance


  • Attend to speakers, stories, poems and songs
  • Follow simple oral directions
  • Speak clearly and understandably to express ideas, feelings and needs
  • Initiate conversations without interruptions
  • Knows parents’ names, address and phone number


  • Count to 20 in the context of daily activities
  • Identify and name numerals 0-10
  • Identify penny, nickel, dime and quarter
  • Identify, name, create and describe common two-dimensional shapes.  (circles, triangles, rectangles and squares)
  • Understands the concepts (size, heavy, light, over, under, etc.)

Social Emotional

  • Demonstrates self-confidence and willingly tries new things.Follows classroom rules and routines
  • Transitions between activities
  • Demonstrates cooperative behaviors, such as taking turns, sharing, comforting and compromising
  • Stays on task
  • Respects authority
  • Uses self-control

Fine Motor

  • Uses mature pencil grip
  • Draws a person (includes:  head, trunk, arms, legs, eyes, mouth, nose, hands and feet)
  • Works puzzles
  • Uses scissors to cut straight and curved lines

Gross Motor

  • Can stand on one foot for 5 seconds
  • Hops on right and left foot
  • Walks on balance beam heel to toe
  • Catches a ball
  • Climbs alternating feet

Music and Art

  • Participates during group singing
  • Responds to rhythmic activities
  • Can identify colors
  • Participates in art activities


    St. Peter’s Preschool is a peanut-free school