Three-Year-Old Program

Age 3 by September 1

Young children learn in a variety of situations.  IN the 3-year-old classes students will learn during circle time, at tables and during play.  These experiences will expose them to the many different educational opportunities related to literacy and number sense.  These young learners are also introduced to numerous conceptual ideas over the school year.



  • Recognize and name some letters
  • Identify matching sounds
  • Identify own name in print
  • Demonstrate or orally communicate position and directional words.  (inside, outside, over, under…)
  • Name common objects
  • Hold books right side up, know that people read pages from front to back, top to bottom and read words from left to right
  • Responds to oral reading by commenting or questioning
  • Participates in shared reading of repetitious or predictable text


  • Play at writing from top to bottom, horizontal rows as format
  • Print letters of own name and other meaningful words with assistance


  • Follow simple oral directions
  • Participate in the recitation of books, poems and songs


  • Count to 10 in the context of daily activities
  • Identify and name numerals 0-5
  • Sort, order and classify objects by one attribute.  (size, color, shape, use.)

Social and Emotional

  • Separates easily from parents
  • Follows classroom rules and routines
  • Transitions between activities
  • Demonstrate cooperative behaviors, such as taking turns, sharing and compromising


St. Peter’s Preschool is a peanut-free school