Two-Year-Old • Parent's Time Out Program

Age 2 by September 1


Toddler age preschoolers are constantly growing and changing.  The following curricular objectives are designed to guide the social development of preschoolers and prepare them for preschool.  These goals are focused on throughout the year.  In addition to the yearlong goals, toddlers will be introduced to many conceptual areas.


Reading and Writing

  • Enjoys listening to stories, rhymes and finger plays
  • Introduction to letters in name
  • Introduction to the concepts of print
  • Responds to and hears sounds through rhythmic activities and movement
  • Begins to understand the meaning of new words
  • Begin to distinguish print from pictures
  • Begin to follow simple directions


  • Begins to attend to speakers, stories, poems and songs
  • Begins to speak clearly and understandably to express ideas, feeling and needs
  • Begin to follow simple oral directions


  • Introduction to colors
  • Introduction to identifying and naming numerals
  • Introduction to two dimensional shapes

Art and Music

  • Participates in group singing
  • Participates in art activities

Social and Emotional

  • Separates easily from parents
  • Obtain things they want in socially acceptable ways
  • Demonstrate cooperative behaviors
  • Interact and respond to guidance and assistance in socially accepted ways
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the specific roles and responsibilities within a group.  (e.g., picking up toys)
  • Demonstrates awareness of the outcomes of one’s own choices

    St. Peter’s Preschool is a peanut-free school