Posts written by Pastor Lorl, St. Peter's UCC, Carmel, IN

  • You know what I learned this weekend?  I learned that don’t like setting off fireworks at home. You’d think I’d already know this, but apparently, this was the year for me to really learn it.

    Why am I sharing this, with you, now?  Well, this revelation has had an affect on my spirituality – that’s why.

  • My heart is full this Monday. Why? Because the Church is stepping up during this time of great uncertainty, and that inspires me. Here’s how, through prayers and service:

  • Because… The Virus. And Racism.  And Sabbatical. These are not at all the same things, but they collided for me yesterday. We had an absolutely WONDERFUL send off for our Associate Pastor of Missions & Education, Becca Lockwood. Over 100 of you drove through our parking lot and safely wished her well on her journey of renewal and rest. It was glorious.

  • We are all engaged in a shift in our culture right now.  Conversations on race are at the forefront of our lives, and we are being asked to do work that has been avoidable for far too long.  So, if you really start to think about the Trinity, what do you see?  How does it inform your faith?  

  • From one among us: “Prayers for the continued kindness to each other as this continues.” 23 people from St. Peter’s have been making calls to the congregation just to check in and stay connected. One caller received these words from one of you, and I believe it’s a lovely way to begin prayer today. For the continued kindness of each other as this continues, we pray…