Advent - What gives you hope?

What gives you hope?

Over a hundred people, from the ages of two to eighty years old, were asked the question, “What gives you hope?” From the voices of different generations, hear their answers.


  • My two-year-old son.  
  • Dogs wagging their tails.  
  • Talking with young people.  
  • Kindness from strangers.  
  • Spending time in the woods.  
  • Waffles.  
  • Hands clasped in prayer.  
  • Social progress.  
  • The way my son calls everybody “buddy.”  
  • The ringing of church bells.  
  • Babies trying over and over to take their first step.  
  • Teenager: The turning of seasons.  
  • Christian community.  
  • Books.  
  • Friendship with my adult children.  
  • Advocates for justice.  
  • Hearing children in the pews sing the hymns.  
  • The sunrise every single morning.  


Today we light the candle of hope to remind ourselves that God is at work in this  



From generation to generation, God has brought good news of love and  

compassion, justice and community. Let us rest and abide in that good news. Amen.

Your pastors are available for conversation and/or visit. Simply be in touch. 


In Faith,

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Dakota Roberts, dakota at stpeterscarmel dot org, or 317-846-6882, x223